Litter bins, trash bag holders and ashtrays

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Waste is an inevitable part of events. Telgirent24 offers a wide selection of litter bins of different sizes and trash bag holders for both rent and sale. Trash bag holders with several sections for separating waste are also available for more demanding customers.

Inevitably, we come into contact with litter every day, and any kind of consumption leads to the generation of waste to a greater or lesser extent.

  • Trash bag holder without lid rental – this model has easily removable legs, which means that the trash bag holder fits in any car, making transportation particularly easy.
  • Trash bag holder with lid rental – this model with a lid is easy to assemble and fits in any car. 120 l trash bags fit the trash bag holder.
  • For larger events, we recommend renting a 240 l litter bin, to which you can add an emptying service.
  • Trash bags can also be purchased upon rental.
  • Sorting waste is the most efficient if waste is collected separately from the start and placed in separate bins. This enables the possibility to recycle the waste and contribute to saving the environment. For this purpose, we sell 2-section and 3-section trash bag holders for the sorting of waste. Different lid colours provide the opportunity to separate waste quickly and easily.
  • You can also rent a litter bin with an ashtray that has an ashtray separated from the regular litter bin.