Flooring and carpeting

Are you organising an outdoor event and want the tables and chairs to be stable and the guests to be able to dance more comfortably? We rent both plywood and plastic flooring, as well as carpeting to add elegance.

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Carpeting and flooring add elegance to the party and at the same time make the event more comfortable for the guests. Flooring prevents chairs and tables from sinking into the ground. In addition, flooring protects the ground in outdoor events where people are dancing and moving around a lot.


Our selection of flooring

  • Plastic flooring is suitable for grass, soil, and sandy surfaces and does not damage the grass. This makes it perfect for party tent flooring, for walkways to protect the grass in crowded places, under an easy up canopy, and for various exhibitions and events that take place on grass, asphalt, or sand.
  • Plywood flooring is intended for use in places where the ground under the tent, such as soil and sand, cannot bear the weight of chairs, tables, and dancing.
  • Carpeting is used to cover stages, catwalks, floors, and entryways to add elegance