Paella and grill pans

Are you organising an event and want to offer your guests an unforgettable culinary experience?  For this, you can rent paella pans. We also sell a wide selection of paella and grill pans, cataplana sets, smoke ovens, charcoal grills, etc.

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With a paella pan, you can prepare various dishes from both uncooked and pre-cooked raw materials. The 5-centimetre-high edge of the pan also allows food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a big advantage over a pan with a low edge. Just use your imagination and cook your favourite dish in the pan!

We offer two different sizes of paella pans for rent:

The pans are suitable for households that host many guests and organise large barbecue parties. Strong construction, a powerful gas burner, and a concave wok form a well-functioning whole.

The cataplana pans are produced in Estonia!

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What kind of paella pans do we rent?

Our rental selection includes the following paella pans: 720 mm paella pan – for 20–30 portions, 960 mm paella pan – for 50–80 portions