Easy up canopies

The easy up canopy or pop up tent is an easy-to-use tent ideal for any event. Setting up the tent is extremely easy – five minutes and you’re done.

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The easy up canopy is absolutely perfect anywhere you need a smaller shelter with walls. For example, fairs, garden parties, outdoor events (such as concerts), and even over an outdoor hot tub to protect those in the bath from bad weather or excessive heat from the sun.

The easy up canopy has a very strong aluminium frame and metal joints, which ensures stability and durability even in strong winds. The cover is 100% rain and wind resistant.

The walls of the tents are removable, which means that if you wish, you can use only the roof part or install two walls instead of three for better access.

The tent can be installed on a hard surface, grass, as well as indoors.


What are the advantages of an easy up tent?

  • Super strong frame

Durable hexagonal anodised aluminium frame withstands all weather conditions.

  • Metal joints

All the tents in our selection have metal joints which make the tents a lot more durable compared to tents with plastic or nylon joints.

  • High-quality and durable cover

The tent’s cover is extremely high quality and durable, being 100% rain and windproof. The outside is covered with high-quality fabric and the inside with a thick PVC layer.

  • Metal weights for the tent’s stability

If the tent is used on asphalt or another hard surface, we provide metal weights to ensure that the tent stays in place.

  • Fast installation

The name easy up tent or pop up tent refers to quick and easy installation – the tent can be installed in just a few minutes.


Easy up canopies can be rented in different sizes:

Tents are available in black, green, blue, red, orange, and white.

We also offer transport and installation for all the tents we rent.

In addition to rental, easy up canopies are also available for sale.

A carrying bag is available for the tents, which makes transporting them a breeze

A carrying bag is available for tents:


When should I rent a party tent instead?

For larger events, we recommend renting a party tent instead. All tent models in our selection can also be purchased from us.

A party tent is ideal for any outdoor event.  The tent protects guests from the hot sun as well as windy and rainy weather. Weddings, company summer days, concerts, special pop-up restaurants, family reunions, or any other larger events – a party tent is always the best choice!

The party tents in the Telgirent24 selection are suitable for everything from small garden parties to events with hundreds of participants. All tents have a very strong steel frame and a thick PVC cover, meaning that they can be safely used in our climate all year round.

The party tents make for an ideal shelter for events, come rain or shine.

  • In hot weather and blazing sun, the tent provides party guests with a nice cool shelter and protects food from spoiling due to direct sunlight.
  • In good weather, you can only install the tent roof, leaving the sides of the tent open and creating a spacious shaded area.
  • In the case of strong wind, you can install the walls in the direction of the wind and enjoy calm weather, and, if it rains, the tent offers 100% protection.

A good alternative to party tents is multi-unit tents. The width of the tent is fixed, but the length can be chosen by the customer.


Custom-size tents can be built from three different unit sizes:

The walls of all multi-unit tents can be opened individually and the walls do not have to be installed on the tent at all if so desired.

In addition to tents, we rent all the necessary accessories for events and fairs – round tables, square tables, chairs, benches, sofas, tablecloths, chair covers, gas heaters, infrared heaters, event lights, tableware, clothes rails, hangers, mirrors with foot, litter bins, plastic floors, candy floss machines, popcorn machines, bubble machines, stages, platforms, etc.

Is it possible to rent an easy up canopy / pop up tent with transport and installation?

YES, easy up canopies can also be ordered with installation and removal by us (transportation and installation fee will be added).

Can I pick up the easy up canopy and equipment myself?

YES, you can pick it up yourself (you save on transport and installation).

Can I fit an easy up canopy in my car?

Smaller 2 × 2 m and 3 × 3 m tents fit in most passenger cars, but you need a station wagon for 3 × 4.5 m and larger ones. 4 × 6 m and 4 × 8m are 2 m in length.

Is the easy up canopy easy to install yourself?

YES, the tent is very easy to set up, larger tents require two people.

What size easy up canopies do we rent?

Our easy up canopy selection includes 2 × 2 m, 3 × 3 m, 3 × 4.5 m, 3 × 6 m, 4 × 6 m, and 4 × 8 m tents.

What is the difference between an easy up canopy and a pop up tent?

There is no difference – it is the same product, just a different name.

What does the weekend price mean?

You pick things up on Friday and return them on Monday.

Does the easy up tent come with walls?

YES, all walls are always included with easy up tents and you can choose whether you want walls or not.

Can the walls be removed if they are not needed?

YES, side walls are very easy to remove and install.

Do we also rent larger multi-unit tents / event tents?

YES, we rent multi-unit tents of 60 m2 – 1000 m2 You can find event tents on our website.

Do we also rent tables, chairs, tablecloths, chair covers, heaters, etc.?

YES, you can rent everything you need for a successful event from us. Round tables, square tables, chairs, benches, sofas, tablecloths, chair covers, gas heaters, infrared heaters, event lights, tableware, clothes rails, hangers, mirrors with feet, litter bins, plastic flooring, candy floss machines, popcorn machines, bubble machines, stages, platforms, etc.