Event lights

Event lights probably remind you of Christmas time – decorating the Christmas tree, stringing lights on the trees to bring a bit of light and holiday spirit to the dark times. However, event lights are actually much more than just a Christmas decoration.

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String lights – an accessory that adds a festive and magical touch to any event. They are the ideal decorations for weddings, jubilees, and various more formal receptions.


What are good places for event lights?

String lights can be installed both indoors to create a cosy atmosphere, and outdoors to decorate, for example, fences, stair handrails, or even trees. Decorative lights are not only functional, adding delicate extra lighting, but event lights can also be used to separate some specific areas. By hanging the lights from the ceiling of the tent or the room, you can create the impression that the event is taking place under a beautiful starry sky.


Selection of event lights

The Telgirent24 selection includes both colourful and white string lights of varying lengths. Event lights can also be joined together with connections, allowing you to create the exact length you need between 7 and 100 metres. Event lights have energy-saving LED bulbs and are weatherproof.


The advantages of extendable event lights

Extendable event lights have a great advantage over one-piece string lights, because these event lights can also be used as 10-metre-long parts in different places. They can also be connected to, for example, a 10 m string light and used as a 30 m string as well as a separate 20 m and 10 m string.

The connection points differ from usual large power plugs, being small and discreet. When two event lights are joined together, the connection point becomes practically unnoticeable. It is possible to join string lights to each other in 7 m increments, which makes it possible to reach a length of up to 100 m.


Rent event lights

We offer string lights for rent in the following sizes:

Installing event lights is easy, but if you wish, you can also order the installation of the event lights from us.



Where can you use string lights?

String lights are used to decorate and illuminate various rooms and areas – from the interiors and yards of private homes to food festivals, fairs, concerts, and other large events.

For example, you can organise a cosy movie night with your family in the summer and connect event lights with colourful LED bulbs to an outdoor projector. This creates a cool atmosphere that gets even the youngest family members excited.

In an outdoor kitchen, string lights can easily be used instead of ordinary lighting to give the dining area a cosier and more romantic touch.

Decorating trees and plants with lights is a great way to highlight them and create effects and shadows.

In addition, event lights do not only have to be an outdoor decoration, as string lights can easily be hung, for example, on the headboard, on handrails, above the fireplace – the possibilities are endless.

Also, event lights are an ideal choice for many special events, such as weddings, being especially well suited for a vintage or retro wedding.


Bulbs of string lights:

Event lights are available with bulbs with a varying wattage and lifetime:

  • LED bulb 4 W (warm white) 2700 K
  • LED bulb 4 W (warm white, filament bulb) 2200 K
  • LED bulb 1 W (warm white) 3000 K
  • LED bulb 4 W (warm white, filament bulb) 2700 K
  • LED bulb 1 W (green)
  • LED bulb 1 W (yellow)
  • LED bulb 1 W (blue)
  • LED bulb 1 W (red)

Our selection includes bulbs with clear and frosted glass.

Clear glass is completely transparent glass. Filament LED lamps make ordinary transparent glass more special.

Frosted glass is opaque glass. A lamp with this type of glass produces even lighting. There are also colourful LED lamps with frosted glass.

Compared to ordinary lights, event lights consume very little energy. Energy-saving LED lamps are used in string lights, which consume up to 70% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than ordinary incandescent lamps. This all translates to a greener lifestyle and lower electricity bills.