Stanchions and wardrobe

Are you organising an event, but the guests don’t have a place to leave their outerwear? Ensure proper storage of outerwear for any event with the help of wardrobe accessories for rent.

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Rental of stanchions

The stanchions for rent are available in gold, silver, and black.

Ropes available for stanchions:

  • red rope
  • black rope
  • blue rope

The black stanchions have a red pull-out ribbon, the length of the ribbon is 2.3 m.

Regardless of the season, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, people wear jackets and coats. When organising an event, however, there may not be enough racks or a place to leave outerwear at the venue, which is when you need the stanchions and wardrobe (clothes rails and racks) we offer.

Ensure proper storage of outerwear for any event with the help of the wardrobe accessories we rent.

Telgirent24 rents out the following accessories

Stanchions can also be used for more exclusive events.

For example, at a concert to guide guests from the parking lot to the venue.

There are many possibilities for use, and that is why we offer stanchions of different colours – gold, silver, black, as well as ropes of different colours. This way, you can find a suitable colour combination for each event.

In addition to rental, you can also buy a wide range of stanchions and information boards from us. Conctact us for a quote.

It is also possible to roll out your own personal red carpet to guide guests to the event.

To ensure a safe party, our selection includes automatic disinfection stations.

The rental price includes disinfectant. The disinfection station is easy to transport, does not take up much space, and can be used to conveniently disinfect hands at any event.