Event furniture rental

Event furniture rental is a good solution if you have an event coming up, but don’t have enough furniture. Our selection includes tables and chairs of various sizes and styles for outdoor events, as well as more formal indoor events. We will deliver the furniture and set it up!

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Event furniture rental – find everything you need for a successful event. 

Selection of tables for rental

The Telgirent24 selection includes many tables of different sizes and styles – round tables, square tables, folding tables, and even wooden beer furniture.

In addition to round tables, our selection also includes folding tables in sizes 122 cm, 152 cm, 183 cm, and 240 cm.

  • Pub tables are ideal for various events that take place standing up and that have no planned seating

This table can be instantly made more elegant with a stretch table cover


Selection of beer furniture

Beer garden furniture is traditional furniture that is often used especially in the summer at outdoor events.

You can rent a beer furniture set:

The set includes 1 table and 2 benches.

A set of covers is also available for the beer garden furniture and you can also rent tables or benches separately.

Furniture sets are an ideal choice if you don’t want to look for matching tables/chairs separately.


Selection of chairs

We also offer a wide selection of chairs that match the tables – from plastic and wooden folding chairs to sophisticated banquet chairs. In addition, you can rent bean bags and sofas. 

  • Banquet chairs are great for more formal events – they suit almost any occasion, be it a formal dinner, seminar, wedding, birthday, etc.

Banquet chairs can be elevated with white and black classic chair covers to add a more formal touch.

  • Chairs of different materials are available for conferences, depending on your preferences: wood, plywood, fabric, and with eco-leather upholstery.

Cafe furniture is great for various cafés, restaurants, bars, or even your home garden.

  • We also have a large selection of café chairs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Bar stool Laura and bar stool square are both available in white and black.
  • Bar stool metal is available in a wide range of colours: red, yellow, brown, green, blue, purple, white, black, grey
  • Plastic chairs are resistant to UV radiation and moisture and are therefore suited for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • The Telgirent24 selection also includes soft sofas with 100% cotton upholstery available in dark grey, black, and red

Selection of soft chairs

The comfortable bean bags and bean bag lounges are a great addition to sofas and can be used to create a cool and cosy atmosphere.

  • The bean bags are 250 l and made of faux leather, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • A bean bag lounge is a good solution for various events, garden parties, etc. This chair has a stylish look, is made of faux leather, is double-layered, and is waterproof, so it is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Furniture transport

Various furniture trolleys are available for convenient furniture transport – this is a good solution if you need to transport a large number of tables, chairs, clothes rails, etc.

  • There are three types of trolleys for transporting banquet chairs:
  • Trolley/stand for banquet chairs – possible to stack up to 12 chairs.
  • Banquet chair trolley – possible to stack up to 18 chairs.
  • Banquet chair trolley – possible to stack up to 40 chairs.
  • Trolleys for chairs with backrests, folding chairs, and bar stools are also available.
  • We offer a trolley for round tables, which can fit up to 8 round tables.
  • The metal trolley for pub tables is suitable for transporting round folding pub tables and enables you to transport up to 12 tables at the same time.
  • The trolley for beer furniture is a convenient way to transport beer garden furniture; two wheels have brakes, which makes transporting the furniture very easy and convenient. The trolley can fit up to 10 sets.

Tablecloths and chair covers for furniture

Rental furniture can be made more elegant with tablecloths and chair covers, which are available in various colours. The furniture can be made even more luxurious with a black and white table skirt.

You can pick up the party equipment yourself at our warehouse or order it as a full service that includes transport and installation.

Do we also offer installation?

YES, if you wish, we will deliver and set up the party furniture and we will also come and pick it up at a time suitable for you.

Do we also rent tablecloths and chair covers?

YES, you can find a wide selection of tablecloths in different sizes and colours. We have tablecloths for square, oblong, and round tables and in a wide range of colours.