Entertainment and games

Every event needs entertainment. Whether you are planning a company party, birthday, family reunion, wedding, or any other event – entertainment makes the party fun and helps to break the ice between guests.

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Entertainment and games are a very important part of a successful party, but finding and choosing them is often quite a headache. Traditionally, a host is hired who takes charge of organising the music and entertainment, but not all guests may want to take part in these joint activities.

We offer a wide range of entertainment options for every taste.

Here is a selection of activities for your party


Ideas for use

A football table and a ping pong table offer more athletic ways of entertainment. Their advantage is that guests can form their own teams and talk and get to know each other during the game.

A smoke machine and bubble machine offer more festive activities – slightly dimmer lighting and music combined with a smoke and bubble machine make for an unforgettable evening. They are also perfect to use to create nostalgia in parties with an 80s and 90s theme.

Naturally, the smoke and bubble machine don’t have to be limited to nighttime – they are also perfect for spicing up daytime events or children’s parties.

The candy floss machine which makes cotton candy of different colours will certainly bring excitement to children.

A popcorn machine is also ideal for events with children, fairs, and other places, allowing you to easily make delicious popcorn.