Easy up canopies for rent 3 × 6 m


Easy up canopies for rent 3 × 6 m


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Easy up canopy 3 × 6 m

The easy up canopy 3 × 6 m is a very easy to install tent for fairs, exhibitions, outdoor events, garden parties, etc., but it also makes a great canopy for an outdoor hot tub in bad weather, for example.
The canopy can be installed on stone and grass, indoors and outdoors.

Dimensions: 163 × 56 × 32 cm

Weight: 50 kg


Heavy-duty frame
Durable 50 mm hexagonal anodised aluminium frame withstands all weather conditions. Metal joints
All our tents have metal joints, which makes the tents a lot more durable than tents with plastic or nylon joints. High-quality and durable cover
The tent’s 500D cover is extremely high-quality and durable, being 100% rain and windproof. The outside is covered with high-quality fabric and the inside with a thick PVC layer. Metal weights for tent stability
If the tent is used on asphalt or another hard surface, we provide metal weights to ensure that the tent stays in place. Quick set-up
The name easy up tent or pop up tent refers to quick and easy installation – the tent can be set up in just a few minutes.


Easy up canopy 3 × 6 m set up


The easy up canopy is the cheapest protection against a variety of unexpected events related to weather, ensuring you have a successful party!

In hot weather and blazing sun, the easy up canopy provides party guests with a nice cool shelter and protects food from spoiling due to direct sunlight.

In the case of strong wind, you can install the walls in the direction of the wind and enjoy calm weather


In good weather, you can install only the tent roof, leaving the sides of the tent open and creating a spacious shaded area.


Don’t let the weather spoil your party and book your easy up canopy and party equipment early!


Available colours: black, white, blue, sky blue, green, red, burgundy

Different sizes of easy up canopies available:

Easy-Up 2 × 2 m Easy-Up 3 × 3 m Easy-Up 3 × 4.5 m Easy-Up 3 × 6 m Easy-Up 4 × 6 m Easy-Up 4 × 8 m

Easy up tents FAQ

  • Is it possible to rent an easy up canopy / pop up tent with transport and installation? YES, you can also add installation and removal to your easy up canopy rental. Transport and installation fees will be added.
  • Can I pick up the easy up canopy and equipment myself? YES, you can pick it up yourself (you save on transport and installation).
  • Can I fit an easy up canopy in my car? Smaller 2 × 2 m and 3 × 3 m tents will fit in most passenger cars. 3 × 4.5 m and 3 × 6 m tents will fit in station wagons and 4 × 6 m and 4 × 8 m tents are 2 m long.
  • Is the easy up canopy easy to install yourself? YES the tent is very easy to set up, larger tents require two people for the setup.
  • What size easy up canopies do we rent? Our selection includes tents in the following sizes: 2×2 m, 3×3 m, 3×4.5 m, 3×6 m, 4×6 m and 4×8 m
  • What is the difference between an easy up canopy and a pop up tent? It’s the same product, just a different name.
  • What does the weekend price mean? You pick the tent up on Friday and return it on Monday.
  • Does the easy up tent come with walls? YES, all walls are always included with tents and you can choose whether you want walls or not.
  • Can the walls be removed if necessary? YES, it is very easy to remove and install sidewalls.
  • Do we also rent larger multi-unit tents / event tents? YES, we rent multi-unit tents from 60 m2 to 1000 m2.
  • Do we also sell easy up canopies? YES
  • Do we also rent tables, chairs, tablecloths, chair covers, heaters, etc.? YES, we rent everything you need for a successful event. Round tables, square tables, chairs, benches, sofas, tablecloths, chair covers, gas heaters, infrared heaters, event lights, tableware, clothes rails, hangers, mirrors with feet, litter bins, plastic flooring, candy floss machines, popcorn machines, bubble machines, stages, platforms, etc.
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