Multi-unit tent 10 m wide


Multi-unit tent 10 m wide


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Multi-unit tent 10 m

The party tent or multi-unit tent consists of 10-metre-wide and 3-metre-long units, which can be joined into a tent with the size of your choice.

The walls of the multi-unit tent 10 m can be opened individually and the walls do not have to be installed on the tent at all if so desired.

Available tent sizes:

10 × 6 m – 60 m2  

10 × 9 m – 90 m

10 × 12 m – 120 m

10 × 15 m – 150 m

10 × 18 m – 180 m2

10 × 21 m – 210 m

10 × 24 m – 240 m

10 × 27 m – 270 m

10 × 30 m – 300 m



The multi-unit tent 10 m ensures that your party is a hit no matter the weather!


In hot weather and blazing sun, the tent provides party guests with a nice cool shelter and protects food from spoiling due to direct sunlight.

If the weather is good, you can open all the walls individually or not put any walls on the tent at all.

In bad weather, the tent offers excellent protection from rain and wind.

Don’t let the weather spoil your party and book your tent early!


Multi-unit tent rental for events

Renting a multi-unit tent is a good idea for any event, as it provides shelter in bad weather and creates a nice cool shade on hot summer days. For some events, however, tent rental is practically a must – weddings, graduation parties, family reunions.

An outdoor wedding is the number one event where you should rent a party tent. There is nothing worse than bad weather ruining the special day that the bride and groom will remember forever. The tent will ensure that the bride’s and guests’ outfits, hairdos, etc. will remain perfect until the end of the party. As a bonus, you can add event lights, which are both an eye-catching decorative element as well as illuminate the tent so you can party into the early hours.

Graduation is also something that happens only once and will be remembered forever – a tent will protect you from an unexpected storm and create a cool shelter from the blazing sun.

Family reunions are best held outdoors, as there are many people and space can be limited indoors. This is a great opportunity to hold the reunion outdoors, as the tent can accommodate a lot of people and, just like with previously mentioned events, can protect against bad weather and excessive heat.


Selection of multi-unit tents


Our selection also includes a multi-unit tent 6 m and a multi-unit tent 15 m.

The multi-unit tent 6 m consists of 6-metre-wide and 3-metre-long units, which can be joined into a tent with the size of your choice.

The multi-unit tent 15 m consists of 15-metre-wide and 3-metre-long units, which can be joined into a tent with the size of your choice.



Multi-unit tent rental – what should you consider?


The size of the event and the number of guests expected will determine the type of tent you choose.

What kind of ground will the party tent be installed on – if you need flooring for the tent, the options are plastic modular flooring and plywood flooring.

Activities inside the tent – is it a party where people sit and eat or do you also need space for a band, a stage, and dancing?

What equipment your event will have – in addition to the guests, will the tent need to accommodate chairs, tables, a stage, entertainment, etc.?

How should you arrange the furniture in the tent – the solution must be comfortable for everyone, with plenty of space for guests to move around and do other activities.


If you’re not sure which tent would be best for your event, call us and we’ll give you advice!

Examples of floor plan layouts for tents:


Product type


Choose tent size

10x12m -120m2, 10x15m – 150m2, 10x18m – 180m2, 10x21m – 210m2, 10x24m – 240m2, 10x27m – 270m2, 10x30m – 300m2, 10x33m – 330m2, 10x36m -360m2, 10x39m – 390m2, 10x3m – 30m2, 10x42m – 420m2, 10x45m – 450m2, 10x48m – 480m2, 10x51m – 510m2, 10x54m – 540m2, 10x57m – 570m2, 10x60m – 600m2, 10x6m – 60m2, 10x9m – 90m2


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