Ping pong table rental


Ping pong table rental


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Ping pong table rental

The table tennis table, or ping pong table, is made by Cornilleau, Europe’s largest manufacturer of ping pong tables. The table is equipped with a Push’N Lock system, which makes it easy to lock one side of the table in the upright position, acting as an opponent. Both sides of the table have a place for storing rackets. The table has four large double wheels with brakes that allow easy transport from one place to another. The legs are made of galvanised steel and can withstand any weather conditions. In addition, the height of the legs is adjustable to ensure good support on the ground. Compact – foldable table with wheels. The set includes 2 rackets + 5 balls. Dimensions in playing position: 275 × 153 × 77 cm Dimensions folded: 155 × 161 × 75 cm     pingpongi laud rent lauatennise rent pingpongilaua rent pingpongi laud rent

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  • Kõik renditooted nädalavahetusel ilma lisapäeva tasuta! Tulete reedel järgi ja tagastate esmaspäeval.
  • Telgid ja peoinventari paigaldame üldjuhul päev enne sündmust - lisatasu ei rakendu.
  • Paigaldame peotelke ja peoinventari üle Eesti 7 päeva nädalas.
  • Laudlinade ja toolikatete rendihind sisaldab meiepoolset pesu
  • Lauanõude rendihind sisaldab nõude meiepoolset pesu
  • Moodultelke rendime ainult koos meiepoolse professionaalse paigalduse ja transpordiga.
  • Kõigile teistele renditoodele saate ka ise järgi tulla ja ise paigaldada.
  • Peo- ja easy up telkidele saab ise järgi tulla ja paigaldada, paigaldusjuhend tuleb kaasa.
  • Meie ladu asub aadressil Kuma tee 3, Peetri 

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