Rent cotton candy machine


Rent cotton candy machine


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Rent cotton candy machine

The candy floss machine will be the biggest hit at every birthday party and children’s party. Rent the machine and make your child’s birthday memorable! Making cotton candy is easy – turn on the machine, wait 3–5 minutes for the machine to warm up, pour sugar into the machine with the included dispenser, spin a wooden stick in the machine for about 60 seconds, and you’re done! You can make about 50 cotton candies in one hour. Candy floss is an airy, fluffy confection made from fine strands of sugar. The natural colour of cotton candy is white, but you can add food colouring to make candy floss of different colours. Cotton candy contains less sugar than a regular can of soft drink! Cotton candy machine rental includes: candy floss machine, dome, sugar dispenser, 1 kg white sugar, 50 wooden sticks. Dimensions with the dome: 52 × 52 × 50 cm (dome is removable) Weight: 11.8 kg We also offer coloured sugar for the candy floss machine – green, pink, yellow, blue, and orange Green sugar – apple Blue sugar – bubblegum Pink sugar – strawberry Orange sugar – orange Yellow sugar – lemon or banana Cotton candy tutorial video:

Instruction manual for the candy floss machine: Precautions:

  • Make sure the machine is on a flat surface and does not wobble.
  • Be sure to use an earthed plug
  • Do not use damaged cables and connections.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces, cables, and plugs.
  • Do not move the appliance while it is in operation.
  • Avoid prolonged continuous use
  • To ensure long engine life, take 20-minute breaks after each hour of operation. Avoid prolonged use in standby mode


  • Place one spoonful of pure sugar in the centre of the warming disk.
  • Press the switch to start spinning the disk and the second switch to turn the heating on.
  • Within about 30 seconds, cotton candy starts to form.
  • Collect the cotton candy by spinning a stick along the edge of the bowl.
  • One scoop provides enough material for one candy floss.
  • When making several cotton candies, add sugar after the previous cotton candy is finished, but be careful, as candy floss will start to form immediately.
  • After finishing making cotton candy, switch off the machine and leave to cool down.


  • Turn the machine on again and wait for it to warm up for 3–5 min.
  • Take a glass of water and pour into the middle of the disk
  • Repeat until the disk is clean
  • The disk splashes water all over the base and dome, dissolving sugar off them too
  • Use a sponge or cloth for cleaning
  • NB! Do not use detergents for cleaning, as this may result in residues of detergent getting into the appliance.
  • Do not wash the appliance under running water

The history of cotton candy According to one version, the candy floss machine was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John Wharton. They invented an electric machine where sugar was poured onto a spinning heated plate to melt and then pushed through a series of small holes. Although they obtained a patent for their machine in 1899, Morrison and Wharton first used the machine in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. They called the product fairy floss and sold it in cardboard boxes for 25 cents. This was very expensive for the time – half the entrance fee to the St. Louis World’s Fair, but they sold 68,655 boxes nonetheless. According to another version, cotton candy was invented in 1900 by Thomas Patton, who obtained a patent and introduced his machine that same year at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Around the same time, a dentist in Louisiana introduced his own version of cotton candy, but he failed to get it patented. Cotton candy was extremely popular in 1904 and still is today. It is made up of 100% sugar or has a little food colouring added to make it more attractive.  The sugar is melted, the liquid sugar is spun on a plate and then squeezed through small holes. When exposed to air, the sugar cools and solidifies, filling the centre of the candy floss machine with strands of sugar, and candy floss is formed. Typical cotton candy is a bit larger than an adult’s head, which makes it look huge to children. "<yoastmark "<yoastmark   Also order a bubble machine for your child’s birthday!

Product type


Add colored sugar

Blue – bubblegum, Green – apple, No colored sugar, Orange – orange, Pink – strawberry, Yellow – banana, Yellow – lemon

Add cleaning service

No cleaning service, Yes


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