Pub table rental


Pub table rental


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Pub table rental


Pub table rental is used for various events where sitting and eating around tables is not planned. Such events include banquets, performances, weddings, birthdays, fairs, etc.

The advantage of pub tables over conventional round and square tables is that they take up less space and there is no need to worry about chairs.

The tables are also foldable and don’t take up much space, making them very easy to transport.

The tables can be used indoors and outdoors as they are weatherproof, the steel frame is powder coated, and the tabletop is made of weatherproof plastic.

The height of the table is 110 cm and the diameter of the table top is 80 cm. The table top is in one piece and made of solid 5-centimetre-thick HDPE plastic, the legs are steel and powder coated.


In addition to rentals, you can also purchase new and used pub tables from us.


The LED table lamp is perfect for the table, providing lighting, creating wonderful patterns, and also being a beautiful decorative element.


LED laualamp


Pub tables can be very plain and not suitable for every occasion on their own, so you can use tablecloths to elevate them according to the style of the event.

For a more formal event, stretch covers or loose table covers are perfect. For an even more special occasion, you can choose tablecloths with a pink or gold bow.

Stretch covers are available in white, black blue, yellow, red, and lime green.

Loose-hanging tablecloths are available with diameters of 280 cm and 290 cm.

280 cm tablecloths are available in white, blue, red, black, and peach and 290 cm tablecloths are available in champagne.

Tablecloths with a bow are available in 320 cm diameter in white and with white pattern with gold or pink bow.



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  • Kõik renditooted nädalavahetusel ilma lisapäeva tasuta! Tulete reedel järgi ja tagastate esmaspäeval.
  • Telgid ja peoinventari paigaldame üldjuhul päev enne sündmust - lisatasu ei rakendu.
  • Paigaldame peotelke ja peoinventari üle Eesti 7 päeva nädalas.
  • Laudlinade ja toolikatete rendihind sisaldab meiepoolset pesu
  • Lauanõude rendihind sisaldab nõude meiepoolset pesu
  • Moodultelke rendime ainult koos meiepoolse professionaalse paigalduse ja transpordiga.
  • Kõigile teistele renditoodele saate ka ise järgi tulla ja ise paigaldada.
  • Peo- ja easy up telkidele saab ise järgi tulla ja paigaldada, paigaldusjuhend tuleb kaasa.
  • Meie ladu asub aadressil Kuma tee 3, Peetri 

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