Party tent 4 × 6 m


Party tent 4 × 6 m


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Party tent 4 × 6 m

Party tent 4 × 6 m is perfect for birthday parties, garden parties, and other gatherings.

This tent is an ideal choice for a smaller party, accommodating around 25–30 people.

It has three walls with windows on two sides of the party tent, which can easily be removed if required. If the weather is fine, you can also use the party tent without walls, i.e. just as a canopy.

The tent has large doors with zippers at both ends, which can easily be removed and attached if necessary.

Our party tents are made of high-quality PVC material and are white in colour, being suitable for any event – wedding, birthday party, outdoor event, garden party, etc.


Technical specifications

Colour: white

Width: 4 m

Length: 6 m

Side height: 2 m

Ridge height: 3,1 m

Area: 24 m²

3 large windows on either side

Fold-up doors with zippers at the ends of the tent

The party tent 4 × 6 m ensures that your party is a hit no matter the weather!


In hot weather and blazing sun, the tent provides party guests with a nice cool shelter and protects food from spoiling due to direct sunlight.

In good weather, you can only install the tent roof, leaving the sides of the tent open and creating a spacious shaded area.

In the case of strong wind, you can install the walls in the direction of the wind and enjoy calm weather, and, if it rains, the tent offers 100% protection.

Don’t let the weather spoil your party and book your tent early!


Our selection includes party tents in different sizes 4 × 6 m, 5 × 8 m, 5 × 10 m, 6 × 12 m

We offer gas heaters and infrared heaters to heat up the tent.

To make your party even more fun, in addition to tables and chairs, we also offer a variety of entertainment equipment – candy floss machine, popcorn machine, bubble machine, smoke machine, and a football table and ping pong table for group activities.


Party tent rental – what should you consider?

The size of the event and the number of guests expected will determine the type of tent you choose.

What kind of ground will the party tent be installed on – if you need flooring for the tent, the options are plastic modular flooring and plywood flooring.

Activities inside the tent – is it a party where people sit and eat or do you also need space for a band, a stage, and dancing?

What equipment your event will have – in addition to the guests, will the tent need to accommodate chairs, tables, a stage, entertainment, etc.?

How should you arrange the furniture in the tent – the solution must be comfortable for everyone, with plenty of space for guests to move around and do other activities.


If you’re not sure which tent would be best for your event, call us and we’ll give you advice!

Examples of floor plan layouts for tents:








Will a 4 × 6 m party tent fit in a car? YES, the tent will fit in most passenger cars with the rear seats lowered. The longest parts of the tent are 2.16 metres long and the roof and walls are packed in a bag that fits in any car.

Can I set up the tent myself? YES, two people are needed to set up the tent and the party tent comes with an illustrated installation guide in Estonian.

Do we offer transport and installation services? YES, we offer a transport and installation service, together or separately.

Is it possible to rent party furniture and other equipment from us? YES, we provide everything you need for a successful event – party furniture, tablecloths, chair covers, heaters, lighting, flooring, etc.


We also offer balloon decorations and covering the tent with fabric upon request!



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